An Email From a Mississauga Resident And Kevin J. Johnston’s Answer

Greetings to each of you
When you have a moment I would appreciate your response to the following issues:
1.2.3.The Mississauga News published your views on crime in Mississauga and only one of you had a plan everyone else would form committees and discussion groups, Is this really so?
Next and final question: Do any of you have a go forward plan for Mississauga or are you all administrators?Thank you
Gerry Mudge
p.s. we have a very active coalition of tax payers in south Mississauga who are getting quite “fed up” with going with the tide, so to speak!!!! – – –

– – –

Hello Gerry, Kevin J. Johnston here and I really appreciate you taking the time to ask these very serious questions.YOUR QUESTION 1: Storm Water Tax

I would appreciate your response to the “storm water tax” that Mayor Crombie has initiated with indefinite increases. The question is: was there an in-depth study of the city administration that looked for “efficiencies” instead of just using the Wynne solution of more taxes. My sense is that this was NOT done and instead the sitting Mayor simply set up more tax. Opinions anyone? Really Mayor Crombie is this the best that you can do?

You are obviously not viewing this as your own dollars as a business person would!!!!


I am very familiar with how Bonnie Crombie makes snap decisions, and this was one of them. Unfortunately Bonnie has turned the running of the city over to Carolyn Parrish who in reality is the true mayor of the city of Mississauga and Pat Saito is Bonnie Crombie’s Handler.

In answer to your question on the IN-DEPTH STUDY to look for efficiencies of moving storm water out of the city, I haven’t found one and nor has TheRebel.Media.

Naturally we cannot count on the extremist left-wing media that we have in Ontario such as the Toronto Star, Mississauga News, National Post, CTV, CBC and especially CP24. None of them are covering any real issues and that means the only real news sources are TheRebel.Media, and me under the banner of

This was a fast cash-grab, nothing more and businesses in this town are irate. Bonnie would know that if she bothered to speak to the people of the city, which she has not. I have been canvassing this town from May and have spoken to thousands of business owners. They are struggling, depressed and angry.

That tax was implemented because Mississauga has no real revenue streams that other cities do like major festivals, tourism, manufacturing for international distribution and has NO ability to make our major companies here happy. BUSINESS is BUSINESS and thanks to Bonnie Crombie’s lack of understanding of business, we have lost Microsoft Head Office in our town. Expect Bonnie to chase others away and expect her to continue creating more of these hidden taxes should you vote her back in.

NOTE: The left wing media is so eager to protect Liberals like Bonnie that NONE of them reported on the 8 criminal charges that we laid against her on September 18th, 2018 which include:

  • Obstruction of Justice CCC s. 139 – 2 Years
  • Fraudulent Concealment CCC s. 341 – 2 Years
  • Public Servant Refusing to Deliver Property s. 337 – 14 Years
  • Fraud CCC s. 380(1) – 14 Years
  • Uttering a False Pretense CCC s. 361(1) – 10 Years
  • Threats And Retaliation Against an Employee CCC s. 425.1 – 5 Years
  • Conspiracy CCC s. 465(1) – 5 Years
  • Wilful Promotion of Hatred 319(2) – 2 Years

We can’t trust the mainstream media to report on anything and thus, you will not be hearing any news on any and all new taxes Bonnie brings in, which I can assure you, will be many.

YOUR QUESTION 2: Special Treatment For Muslims

It has come to our attention that the Moslems have been given access to Peel Property for their “prayer sessions” but that Christian groups have been denied the Same opportunity. Opinions?


It’s true. It’s 100% True. Bonnie Crombie is in league with Mohamad Abdallah Fakih who has been accused of money laundering for ISI, the Pakistani spy agency. He grew his restaurant chain Paramount Fine Foods from 1 location in 2017 to 50 in 2018.

Since there are 2 factors that would stop this from happening:

  1. His food and customer service are extremely average.
  2. The Canadian economy has been stagnant for a decade.

My father explained to me in my teens when asked about ‘why restaurants close’ with a simple yet brilliant statement: “You can’t serve garbage at high prices and expect the public to pay for it” – David Johnston

The point is, I have been in his restaurants on the busy nights as per Canadian culture which are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and his places are usually less than half full. How do you expand the way he has without a constant influx of cash from somewhere other than the cash register? This man is a major Liberal supporter and managed to give Justin Trudeau enough money to get a free commercial from the Prime Minister out of the deal. It’s been reported that he is aggressively taking back his franchises without compensation to the owners…why? I can ONLY ASSUME it’s to be able to cook the books because Doug Ford is most likely aware of this man’s actions and I see an investigation on the horizon, which there will GUARANTEED be when I am Mayor of the city.

I went to Myanmar (Burma) into the war zone with full military escort. We wore body armour and had to carry grenades when we were investigating the “ROHINGYA CRISIS” along the Bangladesh border.

First, there are NO ROHINGYA PEOPLE. They are Bengali Muslims that invaded the Rakhine State of Myanmar and slaughtered tens of thousands of Buddhists and Hindus. Naturally, our media and the media of Australia and New Zealand have blamed the Buddhists for the same atrocities committed by the Bengalis.

Second, The general of the Burmese Army recognized the word MISSISSAUGA on my Passport and questioned me about it. Through a translator he explained to me that if Yassir Naqvi or Mohamad Abdallah Fakih enter Myanmar, they will be immediately arrested for funding ARSA terrorists. The Arakhan Rohingya Salvation Army are worse than ISIS in their atrocities. I saw the dead bodies. I saw the dead children. Try looking at a 4 year old boy, dead with a sword cut across his face. When you look at that type of murder scene and you can see into all of a child’s sinus cavities, try, just try and not be affected by that for the rest of your life. I can never tell the story without breaking down. Bob Rae is sending 300,000,000 of our tax dollars to ARSA so that they can dominate the Rakhine state and continue murdering the most peaceful people on Earth. My Documentary “ROHINGYA LIE, How Canada Funds Terrorism” will be out this year after the election is over. Prepare to be angry when you see it.

Mohamad Abdallah Fakih filed a $2.5 Million lawsuit against me for asking the serious questions like everything listed above. I ASSUME this was done as a favour to Bonnie Crombie to try and scare me away from running for mayor this year. For the record, they offered me a settlement of $10,000 to the Muslim charity of Mohamad Abdallah Fakih’s choice and I would have to read an apology out for investigating him. Anyone who would offer a $10,000 settlement on a $2.5 Million lawsuit, will certainly offer $0. I WANT THE TRIAL. I want Mohamad Abdallah Fakih on the stand so I can question him about his involvement with Bonnie Crombie, Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau. I also want to question him about having only the Islamic community served by the City under Bonnie Crombie, leaving Christians behind along with the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Janists, Jews, Shintoists, Taoists, Confusionists, Agnostics and Atheists. 91% of the population of Mississauga is ignored by Bonnie Crombie and when we all speak up, she calls us “racists.”

If you want proof of that, simply Google my name. You’ll see that I was charged with a Hate Crime in 2017. Guess who put that through just 3 weeks after I announced to the Hindu community that I was going to run for Mayor in 2018? Bonnie Crombie, Iqra Khalid and Zoya Alam made 7 attempts in the Brampton Courthouse to have me charged with ANYTHING that would scare me away. The poorly written and unconstitutional section 319(2) is what they used, and I am sure that Bonnie had the city’s lawyer (that we all pay for) look through the entire criminal code to find something to hit me with. Well, all 7 times the Crown Attorney in Brampton said “NO.”

Enter, the Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic Radical Pakistani Muslim Attorney General at the time, Yassir Naqvi whom as a favour to Bonnie Crombie laid the charge and then bragged about it Nationally to which all left-wing media wrote ridiculous stories about “Islamophobia” on the rise. I was the face of that false narrative, and I am OK with that.

Thank you Bonnie, thank you Iqra, thank you Zoya and thank you Yassir. My audience went from 10,000 to half a million world wide on my news platform and the Liberals were now seen for what they are, people who will cater to Islam for cash, which Bonnie does.

For the record, it’s been 1 year and 3 months since that charge was laid and I have not yet even entered a plea. The Crown has deliberately stretched this out over the election as a form of election tampering. It’s a FACT.

To answer your question further, the Peel District School Board under Tony Pontes and Janet McDougald were approached by Ibrahim Hindi, an Imam (Muslim Priest) in Mississauga and Brampton.

Ibrahim Hindi has ADMITTED that he teaches young Muslim males on the Sharia’s importance of disciplining your wife. He ADMITS that sometimes you must beat your wife, and he admitted to to CJ News that he teaches a class on ‘HOW TO BEAT YOUR WIFE’ to Muslim boys in CANADA in THE YEAR 2018.

I don’t know about anyone else reading this, but the moment I know that you are are wife-beater and you promote assaulting women, the conversation is over, permanently.

Ibrahim Hindi demanded from the Peel District School Board that students use cafeterias as Mosques and that they would then be allowed to offer any prayers they wished with nobody policing them for hate speech. With the amount of anti-Christian, anti-Jew anti-Hindu and anti-freedom speech that has been coming out of Canadian Mosques, the vast majority of Peel Region citizens were outraged.

I tried to to address the Peel District School Board, and of course Janet McDougald shut down the debate by calling me racist sending all of my Indian and Chinese supporters in a frenzy – watch the video here:

The Peel District School Board then hired private investigators to track down many of the protesters in the hall from that night THAT TAX PAYERS PAID FOR just to serve letters to them banning them from all Peel School properties.

Because the debate was being shut down completely by the Peel District School Board and it was clear that they were going to go ahead with allowing hate speech in Peel schools, I offered a $1000 cash reward to anyone who filmed HATE SPEECH during prayer times. I have a number of Muslim colleagues who are fluent in Arabic that were ready to translate all hate-filled prayers and upon discovering true hate speech, the reward would be paid out and the prayer leader was going to be reported to Peel Regional Police. The Peel Board had a lawyer threaten me, so I upped the reward to $2500.

There are numerous examples that I have about special treatment for Muslims in Mississauga under Bonnie Crombie and if you want proof of that, do what I did and put a Burka on, then get onto any Mississauga bus, and demand a free ride because you are Muslim. Congratulations, you just got a free ride.

Don’t lose hope however. There are many Muslims in Mississauga that fully support me. They escaped the violence, the oppression, the death and the Sharia behind to come to the safest country in the existence of our species, and they know that I will stop Sharia courts from opening anywhere in my hometown. Modern Muslims want protection FROM Bonnie Crombie’s full support of Sharia law and I know you do too. I will be that guard at the gate.

YOUR QUESTION 3: Tackling Crime

The Mississauga News published your views on crime in Mississauga and only one of you had a plan everyone else would form committees and discussion groups, Is this really so?


I have to assume that you are referring to my points that the Mississauga News altered. The time for talk is over, I am going to work on this problem immediately and I’ll talk about it afterwards. My work to fight crime will include:

  • Bringing back carding in troubled areas.
  • Using Israeli Airport Security style of profiling potential criminals (which is the best in the world).
  • Better counter-insurgency training.
  • Stopping the pandering to those who falsely accuse our Police of racism.
  • Reminding our Police that I and WE support them doing their jobs, regardless of Social Justice Warrior feelings.
  • Declaring AntiFa, The Communist League and Black Lives Matter as domestic terror groups and pull all funding to them and arrest them when they assault Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Conservatives, Politicians, Children and Journalists.
  • Telling Mississauga the TRUTH about crime weekly.
  • Working with the Police, never against them.

In conclusion, I NEVER give ‘politician’ answers. I answer the questions I am asked. Political Correctness has destroyed this city and I will be ending it while I am in office. Those who accuse me of racism or any type of ‘phobia’ in city council chambers will be banned for 30 days so they can reflect on their immaturity before being allowed back in to try again to be civil. Manners are going to return to this city.

The LORD’S PRAYER is returning to city council chambers as is the REAL version of Oh Canada!

We will have a CHRISTMAS TREE in front of city hall and it will be called A CHRISTMAS TREE and I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS while I am Mayor.

The SANTA CLAUSE PARADE is coming back to Streetsville.

I will preserve Canadian culture unto my final breath.


I am NO administrator. I am NO puppet. I am a PATRIOT and I am in this mayor race to save my hometown. You will get action from me as I am more fed up with Liberalism, Lies, Theft, Deceit and Treason than anyone out there. I am a man of DEEDS, not WORDS.

If you want to save this city you have no choice but to vote for KEVIN J. JOHNSTON as the next mayor of Mississauga.

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