Have A Look At The Sheer Size of The Hong Kong International Airport

Kevin J Johnston here and I wanted you to see the inside of the Hong Kong airport as I walked through this massive structure. If you don’t have perfect 20-20 vision and you stand at one end of this Airport you can’t focus on the other end of the main hallway because of its length. I have never seen anything like it in North America and I’ve been to every major airport in Canada and the United States.

I tip my hat to the Chinese for this remarkable building which is also by far the most efficient airport I’ve ever been to. It is easier to get around this airport then even my own hometowns airport of Lester B Pearson International which used to be called the Toronto International Airport.

The Toronto International Airport is more like a two car garage compared to what Hong Kong has to offer and the Chinese understand customer service far better than Canadians do.

Everybody here treats your really nice and I think you’ll really enjoy your time when you go to Asia because they are kicking our ass in everything including manners.

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