Jagmeet Singh, What To Know, What To Consider

Jagmeet Singh Is A Dangerous Man but Sikhism is not dangerous to you and me, and should not even be part of the conversation.

I made a video last year about Jagmeet Singh and for some reason you all have decided, to the tune of 30,000 to watch it 6 months later.

You have also decided to insult me and each other in the comments bar.

Those of you who are insulting me by calling me fat have the right to do so, and I’ll giggle at it, but those of you accusing me of not knowing anything about Sikhism are wrong.

In reference to the world religions, Sikhism is one that I respect because Sikhism puts women and men at equal standing in society where has Islam does. Some of you also I believe that I am mistaking a Sikh man for a Muslim man. I would never do that.

The main point of this video is to explain to you that as a white man, I have the right to dislike a man who is brown based on his lack of merit. I have not once criticized Jagmeet Singh’s religion but I do criticize Jagmeet Singh the man who is as left-wing and liberal-crazy as somebody can be. That makes him a clear and present danger to the security and future economy of Canada.

It is possible for one to not like another individual and it is possible for someone who’s Brown to be every bit the jerk that a white man can be regardless of your particular sensitivities to non-issues.

All of you should stop insulting each other in the comments section and begin having civil discourse so that we can get to the bottom of what is really wrong with this country.

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