Jagmeet Singh's Fans Attack Kevin J. Johnston With Fake Dislikes

It is incredible what justifications people will offer for calling a white man who is not a racist a racist.

In this particular case there is a video that I produced last year about Jagmeet Singh and why it was a bad move to put a Khalistani separatist as the head of the NDP party.

It would appear that 55% of people agree with me and 45% of people do not, however those who chose to insult my girth or my mother chose not to listen to the real words, but just in fact got upset that I criticized a man who is not white.

The justification that they offer for me being racist is that almost as many people gave the video a thumbs down as gave it a thumbs up.

Only a racist would use that justification for calling a non racist a racist. Incredible how my detractors can ever form a real argument.

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