Keep Kevin J. Johnston Out of Prison For Blasphemy Under M-103

Fundraising Page:

Hello, Kevin J. Johnston here, a TRUE CANADIAN PATRIOT. I have been following corruption in my homeland for a while now, and I went FULL TIME  in reporting on it in January of 2017. 

Since then, without me threatening anyone, nor calling for violence, nor even breaking the law, Twitter shut down 2 of my accounts, YouTube shut down 2 of my channels that had over 2 Million views and Facebook suspended me 7 times. A Canadian politician who is an indirect member of the Muslim Brotherhood worked hard for over a year to have me arrested, citing the Canadian Criminal Code section 319, stating that my educating of Canadians was hate-speech.

Non-Canadians are trying to put me, a Canadian citizen in jail for 2 years, I Canada for a non-crime. This is M103.

My legal fees won’t be cheap, and I need your help. If they put me in prison for teaching the truth about Islam, they’ll put another 20,000 Canadians in jail just for criticizing politicians. This is an ugly prospect, and we have to stop it dead in its tracks.

Please contribute so that Canadians will remain free forever!


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