Kevin J. Johnston Exposes Violent Con-Artist Toronto High School Teacher

There is a high school teacher in Toronto named Connie Annetta who owns a cottage in the township of Tiny, Ontario.

Connie Annetta has a very bad habit of lying to the general public, the Ontario Provincial Police and the mayor of Tiny Township about the fact that she owns a big piece of beach that is, in reality, public and I can prove it.

I sued Connie Annetta over her false claims of beach ownership and she counter-sued me. Her lawyer and I came to an agreement because she’s too gutless to speak to me directly that we would not discuss the lawsuit until there was a resolution. Fine, I agreed to those terms. Connie did not.

Connie Annetta was in a position where I was not able to discuss her at all, but then she tried to file false criminal charges against me and the Toronto police threw her out of their building.

She then registered what is called a private charge in the province of Ontario which now means I can speak about her and the entirely false claim that she is making against me.

Connie has issued a false statement to the courts that she believes I’m coming to her house to hurt her even though I’ve never been to her house and she knows it, and so does the crown attorney who is a fat lesbian social justice Warrior bent on making sure that she can punish a middle-aged white man for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that I am a man.

After I divulge Connie Annette his secret about her lying to the police a number of her students and former students came forward to me explaining that she is a rude, vulgar and violent individual that they all despise in every way. I believe them when they say this because

I’ve met her and even though she is pretending to be tough and strong, she still does not have the guts to even look me in the eye. Why don’t you all come out and see me question her for two straight days in the Toronto courthouse at 1191 Eglinton Avenue East at the intersection of Eglinton and Warden. You can get a sense for yourself just how terrible a human being we are talking about here and you will agree with me that she should be nowhere in your children.

Connie Annetta VS Kevin J. Johnston – June 5 and 6, 2018.

Connie Annetta is a high school teacher in the Toronto Catholic School Board and she currently teaches at Francis Libermann High School.

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