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Hello Freedom Report fans and supporters:

My Second YOUTUBE CHANNEL was taken down. This time it was done by the lawyers of Mohamad Fakih, the owner of PARAMOUNT FOODS. He has filed a $2.5 Million lawsuit against me to try and shut me up. This comes at a time when politicians have charged me criminally with the help of the Pakistani Muslim Attourney General, The (Dis)Honourable Yasir Naqvi.

Naqvi is a Muslim who is implementing Sharia Law with his demand that I be arrested for Blasphemy. He calls it hate, but we all know what this really is.

Naqvi’s father was arrested in Pakistan for leading a pro-democracy march, and here he is KILLING democracy in Canada, the land that allowed him to flourish and become a very wealthy man. This individual (I won’t say ‘man’) is bent on ensuring that nobody will ever again criticize his ideology, and soon you will all obey the tenets of Islam.

It is going to cost $125,000 to defend this lawsuit as it will most likely stretch over 8 weeks. I need you help.

First: Forget YOUTUBE. They are shutting down all conservative channels. Subscribe to me on – Here is my channel which has more than 440 videos for you to enjoy and learn from:

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Cheques and money orders can be sent to
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If we are going to save Canada, we need to band together in UNITY and not revel in the false ideology of DIVERSITY. Diversity is not strength, but nationalism is. Help me to stay out of prison so I can continue to bring the truth to you, so that the true north will remain, now and forever, strong and free!

Kevin J. Johnston



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