KJJRadio Taken Off The Air By Pedophiles?

Sorry folks, but the Radio Station KJJRadio.com was taken off the air by Airtime.pro, the subsidiary of SOURCEFABRIC.org.


Because I dared to tell the truth. Because I dared to tell you about NAMbLA, the pedophiles that called themselves the North American Man-Boy Association. NAMbLA wants the legal right to have sex with young boys, even infants, and Airtime.pro objects to me criticizing them.


Because I dared to tell you all about Islam and Islamic Terror. Am I to understand that Airtime.pro enjoys innocent people being run over by trucks in New York City?


Because I am telling you that you do not have to tolerate gender confused individuals dictating to you what you can and cannot think about mental illness. Why would a radio station be shut down for these reasons?

Only they know. I can say however that I am disappointment with a company that takes my money, burns up my time and then indirectly supports the rape of children by destroying all my work with the flick of the wrist.Josh McLain, Head of Support at Sourcefabric - airtime.pro - internet radio station

Josh McLain, Head of Support at Sourcefabric. Does he support Pedophilia in North America?

PEDOPHILES in Canada must be STOPPED!

NAMBLA north american man boy love association and pedophiles in canada airtime and sourcefabric

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