Marwan El Nashar, A Warning To Stay Away From Him At All Costs – He Supports Terror In Middle East

Marwan El Nashar is a former friend who is Muslim.

He DRINKS – A LOT! He eats ham and pepperoni when it’s on pizza.
In one of his 2015 drunken rampages (the last time I saw him), he stated the following:

“Israel needs to wiped off the planet.”
“There is nothing wrong with killing Jews.”
“I’m happy the Twin Tower’s got shit-canned.”
“Fuck Jesus and Fuck Christmas.”

I told him where to go. Now he’s back defending the “right” of Palestinians to murder Israelies and he has chosen to insult me every way he can while harassing my friend base. Why? Becasue he is a terror supporter and the older he gets the more of his true belief is coming out.

DO NOT REPLY to this guy in any way. He is baiting you. He wants you to insult him so he can register complaints about you to Facebook and Twitter. DO NOT GIVE HIM THAT OPPORTUNITY.

Marwan El Nashar is a sharp-fanged venomous snake, keep your ankles and your ass away from his gaze and his bite.

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