Peel Police PROVE There Is No ISLAMOPHOBIA in Mississauga. Brampton Guardian Lies About It.


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Here are the stats as released by the Peel Regional Police!

The Article From The Brampton Guardian:

HATE CRIMES: The 5 most targeted groups in Peel
Report presented to Police Services Board breaks down the numbers.

Oct 06, 2017 by Louie Rosella of the Mississauga News

Over the years, there have been dozens of hate crimes in Mississauga and Brampton, including mischief, death threats and violent assaults, targeting various groups.

Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans even released a video earlier this year expressing concern over hate-motivated crimes in Brampton and Mississauga:

However, given the size of Peel Region, hate crimes in the area are relatively low, making up less than one per cent of all crimes, said Const. Karen McNeilly in a report to the police services board.

“Irrespective of the fact that the regional community is increasingly more diverse, hate/bias motivated crimes reported to police continues to be low,” she states in the report.

There were 59 incidents identified by Peel police as hate crimes last year, compared with 63 in 2015.

We’ve obtained a copy of the most recent Hate Crime Report by the Peel service, which documented incidents in 2016.

Here are the five most targeted groups, by the numbers:

5. Muslims (five incidents)

Perhaps the most notable hate crime allegation of 2017 came when former mayoral candidate Kevin Johnston was charged with wilfully promoting hatred toward the Peel Muslim community.

4. South Asians (six incidents)

Earlier this year, Peel Regional Police were called to a Mississauga clinic for a disturbance after a woman was confronted when she made repeated demands to see a “white doctor” who “speaks English” and can treat her son. The disturbing incident was caught on video:

3. LGBTQ community (seven incidents)

The seven hate crime incidents targeting “sexual orientation” last year is a big jump from 2015, when there was only one such incident reported to police.

2. Black community (17 incidents)

Peel Regional Police never laid hate crime charges in this case, but allege that a man was the victim of “unprovoked” racial slurs.

1. Jewish Faith (23 incidents)

Peel police say the Jewish faith was the most-targeted religious group in Mississauga and Brampton last year. Here is an example of some of the vandalism Peel officers have seen in recent years that they’ve investigated as religious hate crime

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