Respect In The Work Place, Exposing The Hat-Filled Work-Place Behavior Control Program

Sheldon Kennedy is a former professional hockey player who unfortunately was molested by his coach Graham James. Graham James is a complete piece of dirt who has served multiple prison sentences for assaulting multiple boys and I certainly hope that somebody castrates him while he’s serving time.

However Mr. Kennedy, as unfortunate as what happened to you is, this is not a common occurrence in the country of Canada and I find the program that you have assembled to convince every single person out there that they are a child molester is repugnant at best.

Your program “Respect In The Workplace” and “Respect In Sport” does not cover any of the reality of coaching life, it just covers the fantasy-land that you and your team live in. 

Your program has made it very easy for anybody to call any white male a racist and/or sexist in the workplace and your program for coaching has done little more than insult the integrity and the intelligence of every single person wishing to volunteer their time to ensure the kids stay off the streets.

With fewer coaches and fewer volunteers wanting anything to do with sport because of you and your program, you can be rest assured there will be an increase in youth crime Canada


These really stupid politically correct ideas will always crash and burn but the problem is you are always hurting other people before you are out of business.

You are making money hand-over-fist selling a digital program to people who don’t want it and find it extremely offensive.

You do not even have the wherewithal to hire your own staff to man the telephones to help out the people forced to take your disgusting program. You instead have outsourced all of your technical support and online training to a third-party company.

If I am ever forced to take this course and if I am ever forced to get a certification in this program I will be coming at you with a $5 million lawsuit minimum so you might want to reconsider the fact that what you are doing th..

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