SIGN THE PETITION: Free Access to Public Beaches and Land

STOP the harassment of citizens using public beaches and lands for recreational purposes.

We need all levels of government including the Ontario Provincial Police, the Township of Tiny, The Provincial Government and The Courts to support our community in solving the waterfront and beach access rights and ownership issues.

To force those who claim private waterfront ownership to be transparent and prove in a court of law that they have clear and absolute title to those lands.

I am in court on October 26, 2017, to defend the charge of trespassing against me. I was on public land and none of the above-listed organizations nor the adjacent property owners are willing to show their proof of ownership of this land. Still, they continue to harass me and others.

Please support me and the rights of all Canadians by signing this petition.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Government of Ontario
  • Township of Tiny
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Ontario Court System

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