Toronto District School Board Letter – About The Lies of Islamic Heritage Month


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OCTOBER 16, 2017

Good Day Toronto District School Board,

You know who I am, as does every politician and teacher in Canada. Why? Because I tell the truth which is something that you as educators should be doing daily. You have failed in that duty to the future of our county being the CHILDREN that you are paid to protect.

Instructing teachers to lie to school-children is immoral. Parents entrust the physical and mental well-being of their children to your teachers 8 hours per day. Issuing propoganda and drilling it into the children’s heads for 30 straight days is immoral brainwashing.

Forcing children to read all of these fraudulent statements is a violation of their human rights. Children have the right to a real education based on fact, not on propoganda.

I read your entire “Islamic Heritage Month Resource Guidebook For Educators 2017” and found so many errors, lies, omissions and falsities that it took me making 5 videos just to get to the end of the 25th page in your PDF document.

It is all too clear that not a single one of you who is employed by the Toronto District School Board has any knowledge of Islam and you are therefor incapable of creating a factual document that will educate and enrich children in their knowledge of the real Islam. Based on the publication released, you clearly show the lack of judgement it takes to produce and release a factual and edcuational document on the subject of Islam.

The “Islamic Heritage Month Resource Guidebook For Educators 2017” is the most offensive piece of literature ever produced in the province of Ontario as it is deliberately inaccurate, deliberately deceitful and is so obviously part of a political narrative that it borders on Treason.

You should all be very careful on what you attach your names to as this type of blatant disregard for the well-being and safety of children is going to lead to division in our society, and we already have far too much of that at the hands of organizations like yours.

Kevin J. Johnston

Should you wish to know what lies you’ve spread, simply visit or
If any of you wish to know the real Islam, here are the books to start with:

The Sira – The Life of Mohammed – Dr. Bill Warner
The 2-Hour Koran – Dr. Bill Warner
No Go Zones – Raheem Kassam
Their Jihad… Not My Jihad! A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out – Raheel Raza
The Truth About Muhammad – Robert Spencer

I have one coming out soon as well…You’re all in it!

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Kevin J. Johnston



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