Who NOT To Vote For In Kevin J. Johnston's Home Town Mississauga: Stephen Dasko

WHY do people want to get into politics knowing that they’ll have to answer questions asked by real people with real knowledge of real subjects?

Meet Stephen Dasko, a man who claims nothing…states nothing…has no plan…has no manifesto and refuses to speak to Mississauga residents.

He hung up on me, even when he knew he was LIVE on KJJRADIO.com. Why would he not want to talk to the best-known journalist in the city?

Hanging up on me is bad idea because then I have to work off of what I know, and so far what I know of Stephen Dasko is that he is gutless, spineless, laced with cowardice and stands for nothing.

I believe he wants the paycheque with none of the responsibility.

Blowing FreedomReport.ca off never works to your advantage…get wise, or get forgotten!

Become CITIZENS JOURNALISTS! Call Stephen Dasko yourself and ask him the hard questions.

Contact Stephen Dasko
Phone: 416-414-4402
Phone: 905-459-9200

Mailing Address:
2130 Williams Parkway Brampton ON L6S 5X7
General Inquiries: info@asitechinc.com
Support: support@asitechinc.com

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